After a successful first edition of Transitions Baars & Bloemhoff invited six new designers for Transitions II  to represent the materials in the range again and make a design translating a 2d plate material of their choice into a 3d design showcasing the material in innovative ways that highlight the unconventional possibilities to speak to the imagination.

The unity globe light consists of 1080 identical modular buildingblocks that can be arranged in a multitude of geometric shapes and structures that when they are assembled in certain ways they start describing the shape of a 3 dimensional sphere,  Representing the way certain things in nature seemingly magically grow shape or form themselves in re-occuring shapes that we see all around us on every level when we zoom in or out.
The unity globe light is the result of  a study of the simple mathematical set of rules underlaying to these fenomenon leading him to the principle that makes it possible for him to devellop this kind of mathematical constructions out of various materials.

In the second phase of this project, Paul Heijnen Studio will be focussing on the devellopment of a range of globe lights with different constructed structures, sizes and materials, aiming to present the results at the coming up Salone del Mobiles, Milan April 2017

follow the proces @ [url]http://www.baars-bloemhoff.nl/nieuws/[/url]


Dimensions: 85x85x85cm 
Material: Finsa Color MDF

for more information about availability and pricing send an email to: paul@paulheijnen.com


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